Coach Bobby

Bobby was born and raised in the North Shore of MA. He currently works as a Firefighter/paramedic for the town of Lexington, MA. His love for fitness began at a young age when he began to study martial arts of various styles and types. After many years, he earned his 2nd degree black belt (nidan) in Shorinji Ryu Karate, and continued to train and compete throughout the US and participated in the 2010 Renshinkan World tournament in Kagoshima, Japan. 


Bobby went on to be a martial arts instructor, splitting his time between the dojo and teaching self-defense seminars to everyone from the inexperienced person to law-enforcement personnel. Being a fitness enthusiast, he was very often found in the traditional gym as well. It was through a friend at the gym that he discovered CrossFit, and decided to give it a try as a means to gain an edge in his martial arts training. He discovered very quickly that the CrossFit world didn’t come to him quite as naturally as the martial arts world, and struggled with the unfamiliar movements. This gave him a new mountain to climb, and he found himself frequenting the CrossFit gym more and more.

Today, Bobby utilizes his knowledge of movement to continue to train himself and others in the gym. As both a martial artist and firefighter, he understands the importance of maintaining a body that is capable of handling the strain of an unpredictable life. If you see him in the gym, he’s happy to help. Don’t hesitate to say hello!



  • B.S. Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, UMass Lowell

  • CF-L1

Bobby's Five Principles:

  1. Never lose the desire for knowledge. The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.

  2. Take care of your body. It has to carry you through this entire life.

  3. Be open-minded and empathetic. There is always another point of view.

  4. Be unapologetically honest with yourself.

  5. Live with honor and integrity, and let it be contagious.