Bill was born and raised in New Hampshire and currently works in the Greater Boston Area as the Director of Network Engineering, managing the N. America infrastructure for a large medical company.  Growing up, Bill was a multi-sport athlete; playing tennis, baseball, soccer, and even rowing a little bit of crew in college. These days, when he is not in the gym, he enjoys backcountry snowmobiling, woods riding dirt bikes, cycling, running and the occasional OCR.


Bill was originally introduced to CrossFit in 2012 as a “thank you” by his two closest friends for helping them move cross country, knowing that he enjoyed fitness.  Ironically it was those two same friends that introduced Bill to Steel Fox CrossFit in February of 2016.


Having suffered a major back injury Bill’s main focus was to get his mobility and strength back.  He started in the SteelFit program which he continues to participate in today as well as CrossFit.  Bill has participated in both partner and individual CrossFit competitions and wanted to continue his fitness journey by helping others.  


“CrossFit and more importantly, Steel Fox CrossFit, helped me get my fitness “life” back.  I hadn’t back squatted in years until I joined Steel Fox CrossFit.  I was beginning to see tremendous results and no longer was worried about my back injury.  That is when I realized I wanted to help others.  I wanted to give back to the community that helped me”.


Bill attained his CF-L1 certificate in September of 2018 in Virginia Beach at CrossFit TakeOver and is excited to share his experiences through coaching as continues to train and improve his fitness at the “den”.


5 Principles Bill lives by

1.Be organized 

   2. Put in the work

    3. Strive to improve

   4.  Honor is everything 

  5.Never give up


 B.A. Psychology

M.S.  Management: Healthcare Administration



Currently studying for NASM-CPT