about Justin

Justin is a Senior Physical Therapist currently practicing out of Boston Sports Medicine in Watertown. He is the longest practicing physical therapist and Full Body certified Active Release Technique provider in the entire Boston area. Justin attended Ithaca College where he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012.

Justin’s love for living an active lifestyle motivated him to become an Active Release Technique specialist. He understands that most individuals, when injured, do not want to quit their athletic activity. With A.R.T, he can implement treatments to keep athletes at their optimal performance and also to keep them in their game.

Currently, he is providing A.R.T and physical therapy services to Olympic level ice-skaters and to multiple CrossFit boxes in Massachusetts. Justin’s goal to keep his patients and athletes at their premium condition is what drives him to be part of the Elite Provider Network, which allows him to provide A.R.T services to major corporations such as Toyota.