About Rita

Rita is simply a woman of strength, both physically and mentally. She has a passion to help people who also want the same path, training the mind and body as one. She started building her foundation and love for fitness at a young age in martial arts, after 10 years, she achieved her second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She went on to find Russian Kettlebell Training and became a level 2 coach, teaching at her local gym. Later she received her Personal Training Certification through NASM and started training people out of her garage. She finally discovered CrossFit training and all of its benefits which only pushed her physical and mental strength to levels she didn’t even know existed. Rita has been an avid CrossFitter and Coach for the last 6 years, sharing her strengths and transforming the lives of others.

Rita has strong desire to help all in whatever their journey may be, to get strong, loose fat, or get better at a sport, she will work diligently to get you to your goals. She has a very diverse background and has coached large groups in Aerobics, Bootcamp and CrossFit. As well as smaller groups, one on one and remote coaching. She has worked with all ages from teens to her oldest client who is 78. She believes a good coach needs to also learn form the best that’s why she goes out of her way to be trained by some of the best coach’s in the field of power lifting, body building, Olympic lifting, Kettlebell Training, CrossFit and Body Building. She continuously gets certifications and attends seminars with some of the best-known fitness professionals in the industry. She also enrolls in body building competitions and just received her WBFF Fit Model Pro card in April 2018. Rita states "I had to go through many failures, but it was ultimately failures which lead me to success”. “It taught me to never give up on myself and also to never give up on others”. As Mother Teresa stated “Life is life, fight for it”.

5 Principles Rita lives by:
1. Never forget where you came from and how you got where you are now
2. Live a simple life and don’t sweat the small stuff
3. Health is first above all else
4. Do everything you do with love
5. Continue to evolve yourself